Dare To Do …

Dare to do. That was the challenge put forward by Make:Shift enthusiast Des Halestrap, at the end of our latest Make:Shift event on Saturday 8th November at Dudley Road Old School, Wolverhampton. Des was making reference to our need to press ahead with the great ideas generated. And what a fantastic range of ideas were generated.
First up we heard back from some of the ideas from previous years. There were some real Make:Shift successes here like the Organic Gardens, The Social Steam Engine, the Camera Obscura, International Links and The Bootstrap Aritisans.

Simon helps Angela select a time to discuss Earth Fire.

Simon helps Angela select a time to discuss Earth Fire.

So was the well of new ideas dry in Wolverhampton? Not a bit of it. People at Make:Shift had really got their thinking caps on and presented an incredible range of new ideas.
Jaswinder outlined his plans to ‘Remove the Niggles’. This idea is about us working together to identify everday common frustrations and to work together to overcome them. We also heard from Janet and Angela of Earth Fire. They want to establish a community based holistic health care facility in Wolverhampton, and on the day they even found someone prepared to supply them with a venue.
Julian from the Asylum Gallery battled bravely through his two minute pitch despite some technical difficulties. The newly established gallery in Chapel Ash is looking to establish a pop up shop.
Rachel presented her idea, Secret of the Kingdom of the Trees, which will be a touring poetry and arts venture.
Maria from the Gatis Gardeners said that they are hoping take over Gatis Street Adventure Playground when it closes and turn it into a community garden. To raise awareness of their aspirations they want to establish a new world record in Wolverhampton for the most people in one place dressed as a Garden Gnome. Go on, you know you want to take part.
Probably our most ambitious pitch of the day was from Elliot, who would like to establish Wolverhampton Environment Centre as a community resource with a cafe, training facility, organic garden, gift shop and herbal medicene production, to name but a few.

The two minute pitches

The two minute pitches

With all these great ideas we were all set for a fantastic day supporting each other to begin to make ideas a reality. As well as discussing all of the ideas above, we also hosted the ‘Innovation Station’- an informal chill out zone where people could meet, chat and share ideas informally.

Councillor Elias Mattu and Sheila from the council and Elliot led a ‘barrier busting’ session where they exlored obstacles to achieving their aims.

All in all it was yet another fabulous event where people were inspiring and creative in equal measure.

Now let’s dare to put it all into practice.

4 thoughts on “Dare To Do …

  1. Thank you Sam .It really was a great day.

    Something that no one suggested at the meeting. Would it be an idea to have a printed directory of the main players so we could contact each our if we wanted to help with the ideas. There is always problems with questions of privacy of course and I suppose you do all that sort of thing. I wonder what the others think? I was interested in what Angela and Janet of Earth Fire had to say but I don’t know how to contact them for further details,

    Yours in struggle


    • Great idea, Des. I’ll need to check with people about whether they mind sharing their details and, providing they are, there shouldn’t be any problem at all. In the meantime I’ll see if Angela and Janet mind if I pass their details onto you.

  2. Great news for Wolverhampton. Looking forward to updates.

    In the meantime, if you need a place to go for meetings please try out Wild Bytes Cafe, in Wolverhampton City Centre. This recently opened internet coffee lounge is a local, independent start up business located on Darlington St.

    As a young entreprenuer, I aim to play my part in the regeneration of Wolverhampton by providing a place where People and Ideas thrive.

    Next time you are in town, remember to pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

    You can also visit us online at
    https://www.facebook.com/WildBytesCafeAndLounge or

    Kind regards
    Samantha Pitfield
    Managing Director
    Wild Bytes Cafe & Lounge Ltd
    Coffee. Connections. Community.

    • Thanks Samantha. I’ve heard great things about Wild Bytes from my friends and colleagues and I must come in for a coffee soon.
      I think it’s brilliant to see the growth in independent coffee shops in Wolverhampton.
      Are you open in the evenings too? I’m just wondering if we might have one of our Make:Shift get togethers there?
      Look forward to meeting you soon.

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