Make:Shift for absolute beginners

So perhaps you’ve heard about Make:Shift and you’d like to come along but you’re really not sure what to expect.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will hopefully help to allay any fears that you have and help you to know how welcome you really would be.


What is Make:Shift?

Make:Shift is Wolverhampton’s annual ideas festival. It’s a chance for anyone who lives, works or simply loves Wolverhampton (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) to come along and share ideas about how to make it even better. It doesn’t matter what your idea is. Whether it’s big or small, as long as it could makes a difference and you’re prepared to drive it forward, it’s eligible for Make:Shift.


What actually happens at Make:Shift

Make:Shift is run as an unconference. That means that what is discussed is decided on the day by the people there, so there’s bound to be lots of interesting stuff to talk about. Everyone with an idea to change Wolverhampton will get two minutes to explain their idea to everyone else. Their idea is then added to the agenda for the day. You then get to choose which ideas you’d like to discuss further. If you decide at any point that this discussion isn’t for you, you simply switch workshops. It’s up to you and it’s all very informal.

Just two things have been decided - the rest is up to you

What sort of ideas have been pitched before?

We’ve had loads of brilliant ideas pitched at previous Make:Shifts and many of them will be coming back this year to showcase what they’ve been doing. A few of our ideas include a Free Organic Garden, Gatis Street Gardeners, a holistic therapy initiative, a book crossing project, a self-build housing scheme, interactive arts and poetry workshops, social care led by service users to name a few – anything goes as long as it could make a difference to our city.


Can anyone come along?

In a word, yes, although we would ask that under 16’s are accompanied by an adult.


I’m interested. How can I find out more?

There are all sorts of ways of staying in touch. You could join our regular  e-shot mailing list by sending your details to . You could check in regularly with our website at . This is where you’ll be able to get your ticket from.

You can also join in the discussion on Facebook ( ) or follow us on Twitter ( )

We’re encouraging everyone to use the hashtag #makeshift2015.

Make:Shift is all about ideas – do I need an idea to come along?

Absolutely not. If you’re interested in what we’re doing and you’d like to meet other inspirational like-minded people just come along and enjoy the day.

I’ve got an idea but I really don’t feel confident. What can I do?

Why not contact me to chat your idea through. Lots of people do and I’m sure we can find a way around it for you. My contact details are below

What happens after Make:Shift. Am I left on my own again?

Come on. You should be getting to know me now! Of course not. As far as possible we try to allocate everyone with an idea a mentor who can provide you with some light touch support. We also organise regular get togethers that anyone can attend. These are designed to provide you with some additional support and link you in with our greatest asset – our Make:Shift network.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Make:Shift is entirely free to attend and that includes a free lunch and refreshments throughout the day. If I’ve forgotten anything else then just get in touch with me, Sam Axtell, by emailing or telephone 01902 554918 Tuesdays – Thursdays.

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