This time, it’s personal

What is Make:Shift?

Make:Shift is something the local community can lead, develop and own.

It’s about change from the grass-roots – about finding new ideas and new ventures that communities can make happen for themselves. The council and other agencies will all be able to lend some support if you need it. But the ideas will be yours to own and to drive forward.

Make:Shift is free – and it’s open to anyone who lives in and cares about Wolverhampton.

How Make:Shift works…

Make:Shift is an ‘unconference’ – the agenda’s set and the activities driven by the people there.

There won’t be anyone there to tell you what to do. You come with your ideas, your insights – and a willingness to share with and listen to others. That’s really all you need.

Last year’s Make-SHIFT event generated great ideas about free organic gardens, pop-up shops, boosting Wolverhampton’s online profile and helping people fill out confusing official forms.

What will this year bring? That’s entirely up to you!


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