Ideas to Change the World, or Wolverhampton at least

It’s not hard to think of ideas that have literally changed the world – the wheel, the civil rights movement, the internet and the invention of the internal combustion engine. I name just a few, but here in Wolverhampton we are just as ambitious, although our sights are set on a smaller prize. We just want to change Wolverhampton with an idea.
This year heralds the third Make:Shift, our annual get together that harnesses the finest minds in Wolverhampton in order to create positive change in the city we love. Previous Make:Shifts have produced ideas about organic community gardens, fabulous arts ventures, a scheme to enable people to pool their direct payments and a self-build housing scheme.
What this year brings is entirely driven by the participants on the day. This is because the whole day is run using ‘unconference’ principles. The agenda is set by the people at Make:Shift. It might sound chaotic and disorganised to ‘make up’ an agenda on the day of the event, and it is! But from that chaos something magical happens. People start to really connect with each other around the themes they are passionate about, and new collaborations emerge, or ideas are developed which no-one could have envisaged at the start of the day. From the chaos something incredible and tangible emerges.
Normally something as amazing as this has a restricted attendance. The beauty of Make:Shift is that anyone with a connection with and a passion for the city can attend. And the even better news is that it’s absolutely FREE to attend (and that includes a free lunch too!).
Get your free ticket and more details about the event from here. And don’t forget to bring your ideas, or to get behind somebody elses.


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