Make:Ready – it’s Make:Shift time again

We’ve already started gearing up for Make:Shift, Wolverhampton’s annual ideas festival, with the 2017 event aiming to bigger and better than ever before.

Make:Shift is all about supporting local people to make great things happen in Wolverhampton. You put forward the ideas about what you’d like to see and we provide lots of encouragement and support by linking you up with other people in the city that can help you to make your idea happen.


No idea is too big or too small. In fact, the smallest ideas can often make the biggest difference. Here at Make:Shift we firmly believe that once you get a few people working on ideas in an area, it will make life better for everyone.

This year we want to support you to create easily accessible and convenient opportunities for people to take part in community activities that can make a difference.

These ideas might include:

  • Community spaces for wild flower planting. Lovely for us to look at and great for bees and other wildlife too


  • Informal skill sharing opportunities
  • Community cooking projects


  • Working together to repair things that might otherwise be thrown away and end up in landfill
  • Other things you can think of


This year we are planning to ramp up our support to you through our:

  • Make:Ready sessions, where we invite you to tell us about your idea and share your practical skills


  • Make:Inspiration lunchtime sessions, where we seek inspiration from videos, speakers and ourselves in order to stimulate brilliant ideas
  • Make:Soup. The idea behind Soup is to gather people to share a simple meal, participants donate a small sum, say £5. The income generated will be given as a grant to support a creative project that is chosen by you and the other participants. Not only that, it is a great opportunity to network and gain support for your idea too.


  • Make:Do sessions. At Make:Shift itself we want an emphasis on supporting you to make things happen so we want to showcase and ask people to share their skills in practical grass roots activities such as growing things together, cooking, upcycling, crafting, community singing and community building.


Interested? Watch out for ways to get involved and diary dates coming out very soon …

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