Pitches – An overview of the ideas pitched for today.


  1. Book exchange – an book crossing style event to promote reading &  libraries.
  2. Self build  – ideas for self building economically vialble houses
  3. Social Media in Communities – hyperlocal websites and building community  to make things happen.
  4. Look up Wolverhampton – a collaborative photography project to promote the uniqueness of the cities buildings
  5. Wolves in Wolves – Life size sculptures of wolves to create a trail across the city, similar to Bristol’s Gromits.
  6. Restoration of a church – Bringing a disused building back into use in Finchfield.
  7. Artists and Makers network to support the route to self employment
  8. Wolves Friends of the Earth – Living off the grid. Setting up a space in Wolverhampton to demonstrate sustainable, off the grid living.
  9. Up-cycled Furniture. Making use of scrap furniture, wood and other materials to re-purpose them into usable affordable furniture – moving into custom made furniture.
  10. SCARF – Schools and Community Arts Resources Facility – Black Country We Paint. Collecting high quality arts, crafts and recycled industry scrap, paints etc… to re-purpose for community use.
  11. Social Care and support in communities
  12. Creative conversations, networking for older people. Providing safe friendly places for older people to connect across the city.
  13. Art trail around the city. Commissioned pieces to across the city alos linking to Arts on the Move – art on all major transport hubs and on trains, buses and local taxis.
  14. What should be free? – What resources should be free and why? Food? Water?  – how do we make that happen.
  15. SWEDA – creating new social enterprises and community projects.
  16. Celebrating international links. Building understanding through international links.
  17. Crowd-sourcing activities for local community centre.

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