It’s good to talk


You may have noticed a few changes in the lead up to Make:Shift this year. The Make:Inspiration sessions where we watch inspirational TED talks together and the regular Make:Ready sessions are just a couple of these changes.


Make:Shift itself on 11 November will have an all new refreshed look about it too. So it’s only right that this is accompanied by a fresh approach to social media. We’ve always had a reasonable turnover of blogs to give you the latest Make:Shift news. But this year we’ve gone up a gear with our Twitter and Facebook activity and we’d love it if you joined us.


Here are three compelling reasons why:

1.    We are sharing content, particularly on Twitter, that you won’t find anywhere else

2.    It’s good to talk so why not join in the conversation?

3.    By following us on Twitter and joining us on Facebook, you can help to spread the word and encourage other people to get involved in Make:Shift


We’d love to see you there:

Twitter @MakeShiftWolves


Our website and blog:


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