Let a thousand flowers bloom …


When people come together something magical can happen. And so proved to be the case when we got together for the first Make:Inspiration session at WildBytes Cafe in Darlington Street last week. We’d come together to watch a TED video about a gangster gardener, Ron Finley from South Central LA. South Central LA has virtually no access to fresh fruit and vegetables so Finley began to put that right by planting up the sidewalks erm… pavements … with fresh fruit and veg. He involved the whole community in the project and soon it became about so much more than simply growing things, Finley found that he was changing lives.

We were greatly impressed with this funny and moving talk and I found the experience of watching the film with other people was very different to watching it on my own.

We had a fascinating discussion at the end of the clip about how the film related to things that we were already involved in or things that we could do.

One fabulous suggestion by Rachel was that as a city we could choose a flower, any flower, and encourage people to plant that flower right across the city, wherever we saw some space to put it.

We discussed a few different flowers that we could use but as a group we seemed to like the sunflower. The gold and black has some resonance to us as a city, but also it’s easy to grow, children love them and they’re great for all sorts of wild life.


We could even have a potting party in the spring where we all get together to get the initiative off the ground.

Why not join us at the next Make:Inspiration session on 14 September at 12:00 for a 12:30 start at WildBytes Cafe Darlington Street. Buy yourself a coffee and maybe some lunch, enjoy a great film and good company for free and who knows what might emerge?


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