TED talk proves a huge inspiration


Inspiration was available in abundance at our very first Make:Inspiration session at WildBytes café this lunchtime. Nine of us met up to watch this funny and poignant TED talk followed by a wide ranging and interesting discussion. In particular we talked about the opportunity for doing similar food growing projects in Wolverhampton; how proceeding without permission can be applied to other issues e.g. the arts; and how we can protect one of our most precious assets, our incredible people that really want to do things in Wolverhampton, from burning out.

The session was such a success that we have agreed to have a designated TED area at Make:Shift itself on 11th November. 

Our next Make:Inspiration sessions will be on:

14 September

12 October

9 November 

They’re all 12:00 for a 12:30 start. They’re absolutely free and all we’d ask is that you buy a cup of coffee at WildBytes as they are kindly letting us have the venue for nothing.  

We’re always open to suggestions, as you know, so if you have an idea for a TED or TEDx video we could show, just let us know. The only criteria is that it should be inspirational.



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