Make:Shift’s on the move, and you needn’t miss a thing

A couple of week’s ago I blogged about all the exciting things we have planned for Make:Shift 2017, and the great news is that you can keep up to date  from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Of course we’ll be having the usual face to face get togethers in the lead up to the event but by getting involved online, you can contribute to the development of this year’s event between face to face meetings.

I’m sure that most of our Make:Shift network is on Facebook, but have you liked our Make:Shift page yet? All our blogs are posted directly there and Facebook is great way of us communicating and networking together and finding out what is going on in Wolverhampton and beyond. Do like our page and please let us know about anything you have going on and we’ll give that a plug for you too. On a purely selfish note, the more people that like the page, the wider our reach, so please do give us a go:


For a number of reasons (I won’t bore you with the details), we have switched the Make:Shift Twitter account from @makeshiftevent to @MakeShiftWolves, so if you were following the old account, please do transfer across to the new one. We’d love to see you there and we’re planning to do much more on this channel in 2017.


Looking forward to seeing you in cyberspace.



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