Make:Shift 2015 is coming and a small idea can make a big difference

Make:Shift 2015 is almost upon us – Wolverhampton’s annual ideas festival, will take place on 31 October at The Old School, Dudley Road. You can get your FREE ticket here.

This year is going to be great. We’re going to be showcasing many of the ideas from last year. Where else would you find activities as diverse as shamanic drumming, film production, support to homeless people, a venture to unite, support and promote the creative industries or the production of a camera obscura? The thing that pulls these disparate and seemingly unrelated ventures together is that they are all making a difference in Wolverhampton.

As well as hearing how all these amazing ideas are progressing, we very much hope to hear some new ones too. That’s where you come in.  Over the years Make:Shift has welcomed lots of brilliant ideas large and small. Sometimes the smallest ideas can make quite an impact. Do you remember the book crossing project? This was an idea to set up a free book exchange in cafes, community centres, phone boxes or anywhere else that people would naturally pop into. It was a simple idea that didn’t need any new resources – just a few second hand books and a venue willing to host the initiative. Once it was up and running the venue looked after their own book exchange.

From these humble beginnings great things have happened. Each venue is a free resource available for communities to use and now the idea has grown to include book clubs, books reviews and regular get togethers.

So you might have got an idea that you think might not be suitable for Make:Shift. I would like to tell you that as long it will make a difference to Wolverhampton, any idea is suitable. And sometimes even the smallest ideas can make a massive difference.

Have you got an idea for Make:Shift? Why not contact me to chat it through? You can ring me, Sam Axtell, on 01902 554918 (Tuesdays- Thursdays) or email


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