The Shape of Things to Come …

Straight after our update on how the various ideas were progressing, we had a chance to explore what Make:Shift 2014 would look like. As you can see, no expense was spared in preparation for this meeting.

There are just two things that are pre-determined – the date which will be 8th November and the venue which will be the Old School, Dudley Road.

What would you like to see?
What would you like to see?

The group considered a range of options. The consensus was that people had enjoyed the unconference format from last year and they would like to follow this again this year. In particular they would like a (brief) introduction to the day, the two minute pitches, the workshops (with note takers) and a networking lunch.

The group didn’t want any activities that might detract from the main purpose of the day but they would like to see success stories from previous years highlighted, an informal area where people who might not be confident enough to pitch an idea could talk about anything they wanted to informally. Drinks would be on tap and the idea here would be for anyone to share anything they wanted. It might be an app you couldn’t live without, a brilliant book you’ve read or something you have made yourself.

We could also have people on hand to advise on setting up new projects, fundraising, setting up environmental or arts projects. If possible it would be great if these could be local people with experience of doing such things, rather than professionals.

The group didn’t want any additional activities
The group didn't want any additional activities

It’s not too late to share your ideas about Make:Shift 2014. Either leave your comments at the end of the bog or email me,


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