FutureShift Festival

FutereShift an exciting new development that has strong links to Make:Shift. FutureShift is a festival that will be taking place across the Black Country and Birmingham. It’s designed to attract and support people who are interested in doing things in different ways, using assets (including themselves and other people) in their communities.
Lorna Prescott will be coming to the Make:Shift Get Together on 12 March to tell us more about it. (Book your place by clicking on the link). She has also arranged a special Wolverhampton event on Monday 7 April at St Thomas Centre, Church Road Wednesfield, WV11 1SS. (Again book your place by clicking on the link).
I think that this is an opportunity for any of our Make:Shift ideas champions who have got a big idea and would like some additional support to help it fly. It might also be of interest to you if you’ve had a great idea that you want to get off the ground before the next Make:Shift, even if you’ve not shared it previously.

If you’d like some more information please go the FutureShift website.

Here’s an extract from the FutureShift homepage:


Birmingham and the Black Country are full of people with ideas that are already transforming local places.
Here and across the world new citizen-driven initiatives and ventures are making everyday life more exciting, participative and sustainable – from co-owned shops to local energy networks, from shared workspaces to urban farming and community harvesting. Taken together these ideas are showing us we can build an entirely new type of participatory local economy.
FutureShift has brought together a powerful mix of spaces, resources and investment for idea development and new initiatives. FutureShift will enable you to become a bigger part of this exciting and important shift towards co-designing society in a more sustainable way, economically, socially and environmentally.”


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