Wolves – wolves public art project

photo of woman writing on flip chart and 3 people behind herPaul Darke talked about Wolves – Wolves public art project.

It builds on art projects done in other cities, such  as Gromits in Bristol, that is of the Wallace and Gromit fame!

The idea is to create a series of Wolves sculptures round the city. Each sculpture would have the same basic shape but would have a unique design and decoration.

Paul suggested the project would need around one for each ward, possibly around 20 – 30. The project needs to look at getting sponsorship and support form public bodies and needs local people to get involved.

The sculptures would be temporary then auctioned off to create funding for other public art projects.

Who would create the wolves sculptures?

The basic plastic shell would be done by a commercial company, local would be ideal.It would be local people that would paint and decorate them. But the project would also aim to get some done by local artists and famous wolves locals – Liam Pain would be great.The wolves could be moved around various venues. The locations could be decided by local people – but would include schools.

How could it be made digital?

Using digital printers to produce some of the sculptures was suggested

Paul suggested the project should run around 2016. It would need help from public bodies to help with things like  moving the sculptures around city or public transport to create routes to look at public art and help to access to public spaces.

Next steps 

  • Identify sponsors
  • Launch webpage
  • Mock up of the projects
  • Access to the right people
  • Circulate  information to networks
  • Start to promote the idea
  • Involve people.

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