Wolverhampton International Links Association

This session is being led by Liz Millman. These are notes from the session has it’s happening.


Liz would like to develop a group similar to the One World Cafe where international residents and visitors in Wolverhampton can come to socialise and partake in activities like open mic, and storytelling nights. This is because there is a feeling that the council doesn’t recognise all the possible international links the city has and she would like to capitalize on this.

What’s already going on in the city?

There is a shrinking of capacity in the city – the one world cafe doesn’t exist any more and other groups are closing due to lack of facilities – or engagement – so how to we bring people together locally – not just around business but around community.

There are groups in the city working to engage with international visitors – the University for example – but they are quite inward looking, not many people outside of the University community are aware of what they are doing…. 

Wolverhampton International Links Association 

Wolverhampton International Links Association  are trying to redress some of this – they are working to build a group that fills the gaps that some of the groups that have now dispersed have left – and also to bring together the remaining partners in the city do develop a more cohesive approach to building International Links.

Their tag line is: “Celebrating the range and diversity of our links around the world” and they will be focusing on Education ans School Links; Developing Link; Business Links; Family Links and Community Links. They want to put on regular events and social evening to bring people together – but understanding the needs of the different communities – respecting the language and other barriers to inclusion.

The group would also like to explore links to people from Wolverhampton who are doing some great things internationally along the same theme groups as they will be looking at here in Wolves.

Is this something you would be interested in getting involved in check out their website.  www.wilaonline.com


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