Social Media in Communities

This session was led by me, Steph – so this isn’t really a live report but more post session write up.

Social Media in community focused on the the work I have been doing in my community with our community website (or for the geeky hyperlocal blog) in Wednesfield and the way other people can build online networks to make things happen in their areas.

I blogged previously about WHY Wv11 came about so I wont write about that again and today’s session was less about the why but more about the What – what things can happen if you build a wider online community. The most common resource we have at our fingertips to make things happen is the people and existing groups in our neighbourhoods – so why not use digital tools and online technologies to bring those people and groups together to back BIGGER things happen.

Wv11 is a community that has evolved around a website and facebook page that allows the community to have it’s own voice online. It has been running for 4 years and now has just under 6000 facebook fans – but that doesn’t really represent our entire reach – each of those fans has the capacity to share out information and increasing our reach exponentially – and it has!.

Together we have been able to make some great things happen from helping to spread the news of missing children (who happily returned home), helping  a family after a house fire, Fundraising for community and charity and making amazing things happen like Fun Days.

Social Media Stories – Free Support for people that want to set themselves up…

The cost the of the tools to begin to set up an online group such as WV11 is negligible – the tools are free. The problems come in when people think they need to be a tech whizz to the use them – BUT the Wolverhampton Social Media Surgery is run by volunteers once a month on a drop in basis where anyone who is interested in setting up a simple website or online tools  for their Neighbourhood, Community Association, Neighbourhood Watch, Knitting group etc. can come along for free plain English support. 

The next years dates can all be seen on the SMS website. If you are interested in exploring setting up a hyperlocal site for your area we’d love you to come along.

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