Custom home build – Self build housing.

This is an overview of the presentation and discussion from the Custom Home Build session.

Rob at Make Shift

Rob is hosting this session.. He works with Axis Design Architects – but is developing an interest in Self build and custom home build projects.

We aspire to “Grand Designs” in the UK but what we usually get it a clone a house, developments that all look the same.

47% people don’t have enough space for storage or/and entertaining. There is a lack of natural light etc – and this leaves people dissatisfied and unhappy. There is a study you can read more about this here. Custom build  can combat this but what can this look like?

  • Self Build
  • Co-Housing
  • Custom Build
  • Collective Build
  • All of the above?

You can find more about this at:

There are different ways of funding custom build housing they include:

  • Community Right to Build
  • Custom Build Homes Fund

Rob is looking for other ways he can help support custom build projects.

What is the view of space in for homes in the UK?

Space is at a premium – there is not a enough space for modern life – home workers struggle. Future life will be a struggle as our families get grow older and they don’t have homes of their own to go to as their is no houses for our children to move out into.

Layout and use in an issue. poor layout doesn’t allow for flexible use of the spaces.

Houses should be built to LIVE in – to have quality of life not for investment!

As houses are built they are costed by square metre, when they are sold it’s by the number of bedrooms – is this a problem for design?  The box room for instance  – as one person put it “Do away with the box room altogether – it’s neither a room or a cupboard”

When we custom build all these issues are addressed as we build to OUR individual/group needs.

Group builds can also help with economy of these projects. pooling finances, resources etc and they could help build community – planning a build to bring people together, shared parking etc etc.




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