Creative Conversations: an example

Photo of Des Halestrap talking, standing by a flip chart stand

Des Halestrap sharing his inspiring story (photo by Lorna Prescott)

Des Halestrap treated us to a wonderful example of creative conversations in Pendeford, networking for older people.

A group of neighbours wanted to get together with a cup of tea and just talk about whetever came in to their heads. It has grown from a group of 6 to around 20, regularly coming together on Wednesday afternoons at the Oasis Cafe.

This idea, a fantastic example of a citizen / people led project prompted a number of questions (from people who I assume had their ‘professional’ heads on):

  • Are the discussions recorded?
  • Are there rules?
  • Are there themes for the discussions?
  • How do you advertise?

Thankfully no, the discussions aren’t recorded. There are no rules or themes to restrict discussion. There is no advertising, the group has grown through word of mouth.

Bureaucrats steer clear – these kinds of projects can be broken if we interfere!


2 thoughts on “Creative Conversations: an example

  1. I’ve worked extensively with this lovely group, the ‘Oasis Over 55s Friendship Club’. They meet on THURSDAY afternoons. not Wednesdays, though. There are similar groups in Finchfield and Ashmore Park (and many others I’m sure) as well as the conversation clubs at Bantock House and Wolverhampton Art Gallery. They are all great models to build upon.

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