Art On The Move

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Art On The Move is an artwork trail concept which would see derelict buildings, empty shops and venues around Wolverhampton used to create a revolving art exhibition. The time frame could see this happening in Easter 2014.

Artwork would be created by local artists and people in the community and would be moved around venues in the city. Local community groups would be encouraged to create art in workshops in their venues and spaces (such as community centres) and their work would be exhibited in their own spaces and eventually the works would be ‘rotated’ and everyone’s art is exhibited around the city.

The trail would help to rejuvenate the city and reunite members of the community around art.

Artwork could be on buses and taxis, aimed at making a real visual impact and making it attractive to visitors to the city.

Part of the concept is for for large architectural pieces at the train station, welcoming people upon arrival.

2013-11-09 14.25.16

What is needed to make the project succeed?

– Access to buildings (permissions etc.)

– Funding (artists need paying for their work and can’t be expected to work for free)

– Volunteers (to help plan and produce the event)

– Relationships with Partners (Art Gallery, University etc.)

Attendees felt that funding can be found if the idea is good enough. The ‘event’ could also include performing arts and should be representative of the diverse community in the city.

An additional facet should be about building community cohesion around art. An example of the Bentley Bridge Public Art project in Wednesfield was given as a way of representing local people’s views and passions through consultation. Enchanted City was also given as another example of how arts has brought people together successfully in the city.

Someone commented that another area of the city that could be included as a destination could be the canal network.

Take Aways:

– Improving community cohesion and perceptions of the city

– Making the city a destination

– Highlighting buildings

Where to go from here?

Plans to meet and form a group at Newhampton Arts Centre.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch:

Kathleen Fabre
07791 459 144


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