Wolverhampton International Links Association

Liz from the Wolverhampton International Links Association has been in touch. She would like to discuss the Association at Make:Shift.

Here are some more details about the Association from their website:

“Wolverhampton International Links Association” aims to promote and support links between our city’s communities, schools, businesses, health bodies and parallel organisations in the heritage countries by:

1. providing a focus for links between Wulfrunians and their respective heritage countries, and to strengthen those links eg feedback from visits and link activities

2. sharing understanding about the heritage countries with updates on developments  through events both formal and informal eg displays in the Civic Centre, as well as through the good offices of our city and our Mayor

3. assisting with the development of international school links and the development of learning materials for schools and colleges

4. promoting inter-cultural interaction eg with multi-faith gatherings and  celebration events, sharing creative arts and activities

5. sharing information about funding and support possibilities

WILA will enhance community cohesion, mutual tolerance and understanding  by supporting opportunites to learn more about each other’s communities, cultures, faiths, and heritage countries.

WILA will also provide a focus to recognise and celebrate the achievements of organisations and individuals in developing and maintaining international links that benefit our City.

I’ll look forward to hearing more at Make:Shift. In the meantime please go to their website for more information: http://www.wilaonline.com/


3 thoughts on “Wolverhampton International Links Association

  1. Sounds good. Over 30 years Wolverhampton’s Central Youth Theatre has gone to perform and participate throughout Europe and also held international dance and theatre events here in the Black Country. This has involved bringing over young people from Italy, Austria, Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania and having events here in which Wulfrunians whose heritage links them to those countries have enjoyed participating.
    I have passed on the details to our theatre director, Jane Ward, MBE, and look forward to hearing more at Makeshift at the Newhampton Arts Centre.
    Best Regards, Jim Barrow

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