Got an idea for Make:Shift? This is how the day’s going to work

Ok, so we know that we’ve got loads of brilliant ideas for Make:Shift, but how are we going to share those so everyone can decide which discussions they want to take part in? 

Here’s how it’s going to work. The event starts at 10:00. Once you’ve signed in you can grab a coffee and join our ‘market place’. This is where people with the ideas can talk informally to other participants about their ideas. There will also be people on hand to offer expert advice (for instance we have colleagues who support social enterprises attending) and our helpful Make:Shift staff will make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

Once the event proper starts we’ll invite everyone who has an idea to come up to the front and pitch that idea in two minutes or less. We’re restricting the time people have to pitch their idea because: 

a)     We’ve got such a lot of brilliant ideas and if people talk for too long it will eat into the time we have to discuss the ideas

b)    We want the whole event to be dynamic and fast moving 

If you would like to bring any visual aids or props with you please feel free, but please do bear in mind that we will be sticking to the two minute time limit. 

Once you’ve spoken we’ll invite you to choose a room and a time slot on our Make:Shift grid. The grid will be our agenda for the day. It starts out blank and you populate it with the things you want to discuss. (You can even book more than one one hour slot if you want to). People who have submitted their ideas before the event will be asked to speak first, but anyone that wants to can pitch an idea, even if it’s only just occurred to them on the day. 

Once everyone has had a chance to speak we’ll ask all the participants to sign up for the discussions they would like to get involved in, using the Make:Shift grid. Then it’s over to you, the participants,  to make the rest of the day absolutely brilliant with your inspiring and creative discussions. Everyone who has an idea will be supported by our facilitator team. It will be their role to keep a note of any actions agreed and help to keep the discussion going if needed. 

We’ll be playing inspiring video shorts throughout the day. I’ve started a collection, but if you’ve got any recommendations I’d be pleased to receive them. 

We’ve still got a few tickets left for Make:Shift so if any of the ideas or the outline for the day has inspired you, why not recommend Make:Shift to  a friend and let them know that they can still get a ticket by going to:


2 thoughts on “Got an idea for Make:Shift? This is how the day’s going to work

  1. Just booked my ticket but noticed the Google map directs people to a house about 100 yards down the road and on the wrong side of the road. Most people will see the sign for the arts centre but perhaps putting the full postcode into Google maps would resolve it.
    Best Regards

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