Here’s another great idea

Ange from Chez Hippo has been in touch to share her idea, which she would like to discuss at Make:Shift.
Ange says “We are creating an artist and makers co-operative for Wolverhampton and surrounding areas so that we can make, share, learn and teach lost and new skills to everyone. We intend to create an arts hub for the area which will see retail, gallery, studios, business incubation spaces, teaching areas, cafe and all things that go towards a thriving centre for everyone to get involved with. Many start-up artists and makers struggle making the transition from their kitchen table to the market place because they either lack support, equipment or space to expand and we want to remove all the barriers that stop you. Likewise many of us just want to have a go at something new so we will have lots of creative minds and hands ready to help you from throwing your first pot to fusing glass or maybe meeting others as a creative writing group. The options are open and we would like to know what you would want to see. We have a building in Wolverhampton ready to use, just waiting for the solicitor to sign us off, but the intention is that it will be open from April 2014. There are loads of way that you can be involved and help create something different and exciting for the area and if you are then please contact for more details.”
This sounds like an exciting opportunity whether you are a novice just wanting to ‘have a go’ or if you are more established and would like to set up your own business. Come along to Make:Shift on 9 November to discuss this further, or contact Ange directly for further details.
Free ticets for Make:Shift are available from


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