Make: Shift Video Short – Wolves – Wolves

At the last get together some of the group said they’d like to do a video short about their idea. First up is Paul Darke ‘s idea Wolves – Wolves. 

Watch here

Paul is the director of the Outside Centre, one of the UK’s premiere independent arts organisations.

The idea is for a number of larger-than-life sculptured ‘Wolves’ made of a durable plastic that will be positioned around the city as a trail to follow: Wolves are a symbol of Wolverhampton – from the football club to an abbreviation of Wolverhampton.

Each ‘Wolf’ (though from the same mould) would be individually decorated in association with an artist working with local schools and groups.

 This project is similar to the Penguins (in Liverpool), the cow parage in Manchester ( and Gromit Unleashed ( in Bristol.

 If you’ve got an idea or you’d like to help someone else get their idea off the ground download your free ticket here



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