Here’s a question I’ve been asked a lot recently

Recently a few people have asked me if they need to have an idea to come to Make:Shift. The answer to this is absolutely not. We need all sorts of people at Make:Shift – the people with the ideas are, of course, critically important – but so are the people who will support that idea, just by saying they like it or by offering some support to get it off the ground.

At the Make:Shift get-together, Silvia had come along to another event which had been postponed so she joined us. Listening to all the other ideas Silvia was inspired to come up with one of her own – a brilliant creative arts project for young people. Who knows what Make:Shift could do for your creative juices.

But just as important was Janet. She hadn’t come with a particular idea. She’d come to listen to what other people had to say and comment and add value to their ideas.

So if you’re delaying getting your ticket because you haven’t got an idea to bring to Make:Shift, stop it! We’d love to see you, whatever role you want to play.

Get your free ticket at :


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