Community Organic Garden

Today I was bowled over when I went to visit the Community Organic Garden in Lich Avenue, Wednesfield. It’s incredible to think that it was only last September when Elliot Lord pitched the idea at Make:Shift 2012 – and now the whole thing has become a reality. Elliot, ably assisted by Simon Hamilton from the LNP (Local Neighbourhood Partnership), has done an incredible job getting a whole host of people on board and actively supporting the idea. When I arrived today, I was amazed to see the formerly overgrown site had been completely cleared. There were over 30 volunteers working incredibly hard to dig through the (very heavy) clay soil. There were pupils from Wednesfield High School who will be having their own area. The stuff they grow will be used as part of a soup kitchen they are developing at the school.
RAF Cosford were also there with World War two veteran Alfred, talking to pupils about the importance of organic food growing to the war effort, complete with props like gas masks and a gardening book dating back to that era.
Meanwhile a great group of trainees from Timken Training were busy constructing a shelter and tool shed, whilst local residents, James from the LNP, the Police, staff from the local Co-op and Catch 22 dug over the incredibly heavy and root-infested soil. Everyone was working so hard.
It was great to see Radio WM there, not only doing a bit of digging but also sending in regular reports. Apparently they are hoping to feature the story on every show today, so do please try and tune in.
I was there with my colleague Catherine filming a video for YouTube. We hope that the video will be available early next week (I’ll let you know when). We want to use this sensational story to promote Make:Shift and inspire people – to show them that it really is worth putting ideas forward.
If you want to keep up with what’s happening please go to the Our Own Future website for all the latest details:
If you’d like to see a video of the first day there please go to The video features Elliot and Simon ‘I’ve got lots of hats’ Hamilton. Watch out for our YouTube video coming soon in which Simon wears a completely different hat.


2 thoughts on “Community Organic Garden

  1. Thanks a lot for that. I’m pleased with how it’s going and am deeply indebted to everyone who has put so much effort into helping out. This is the power of the community. Hats off (Simon’s included!) to all of you!

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