Small Change. Big Difference

Would you like to improve Wolverhampton by making a small change to what you do every day? Sign up to doing one of our pledges below and start making a real difference to you, your street, your neighbourhood and your city. If the pledge you would like to make isn’t there add yours to the list and see how many other people put it into action!

Make a shift – improve our city!

• Watch less TV
• Spend less time online
• Eat more vegetarian meals
• Take shorter showers
• Hang dry your clothes
• Eat food produced locally or grow your own
• Compost
• Bike or walk to your next destination
• Freecycle or donate what you don’t need
• Buy used goods when you can
• Purchase goods in glass or aluminum containers, not plastic (and recycle!)
• Get resourceful and learn how to fix or repair what you already have
• Get to know your neighbours
• Spend more time with your friends and family
• Make a point of smiling at everyone on your way into work
• Give blood
• Organise a food collection for a local food bank
• Got a skill, DIY or gardening for instance? Set up a group to share with other enthusiasts
• When you’re driving, let someone in at a junction
• Do some random acts of kindness
• Pay an unexpected compliment to someone who often doesn’t receive any
• Hold a door open for someone – this is a forgotten art
• Surprise someone with an unexpected phone call or a quick visit
• Share something funny with your friends

• Shop locally
• Join something
• Decline plastic bags when ever you can
• Fit energy-saving lights bulbs and turn off unnecessary lights
• Learn basic first aid
• Take public transport when you can
• Plant a tree
• Turn your thermostat down by one degree
• Get fitter, feel better
• Turn off appliances at the main
• Spend time with someone from a different generation
• Learn to be friendly in another language
• Have your meals together
• Put you gum in the bin
• Seize the moment
• Bake something for a friend
• Do something you think you can’t do
• Do something for your neighbourhood

All from the book – Change the World for a fiver, Community Links Trust Ltd.


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