Britain’s Biggest Music Festival

The Government have announced a series of music events over the Summer designed to bring people from different backgrounds together. The events will be free to attend and free for musicians to enter and the Government have said that we can get involved in shaping them.
Anyone can apply to be an event organiser and you can find out more by visiting ‘Our Big Gig website’ –
The event, running from 11th – 14th July just happens to coincide with our own City Show.
Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could have one in Wolverhampton!


2 thoughts on “Britain’s Biggest Music Festival

  1. I would be *really* brilliant if we could incorporate this…the City Show always lacks live music of the calibre Wolverhampton can provide given our rich musical heritage and great venues!

    I performed at the Bandstand Marathon (the old name for this initiative) last year in Walsall Arboretum and it was a really fun, well attended event….

    How do we make it happen?

    • I’m glad to hear that there’s some interest. It would be brilliant to get something going in Wolverhampton. I think a good starting point would be to see what other interest there is in the city for this. I think ideally we need someone who would be prepared to do some of the leg work to organise it. I have put out some feelers from a council point of view, but it really doesn’t have to be the council leading on this – in fact it might be better if it wasn’t.

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