New Make:Shift date announced

For those of you new to Make:Shift, the event that puts communities centre-stage in changing Wolverhampton for the better, we had originally planned to hold Make:Shift mid-week in July. However we received a number of messages from Make:Shift enthusiasts saying that mid-week would not be a good time for communities to attend. So, because Make:Shift is driven by you, the people of Wolverhampton, we put the decision in your hands. We asked if you’d prefer to attend on the original date (10th July), a Saturday in the Autumn or a Sunday in the Autumn. You told us that a Saturday would be best and, following negotiation with our venue, the Newhampton Centre, we are pleased to announce that the new date is Saturday 9th November. Sorry we couldn’t get an autumn date. We’ll be well into the winter by November but unfortunately the Newhampton Centre gets pretty busy at weekends.
We’ll be keeping you updated on various events and activities in the lead up to Make:Shift as well as how you can get your free ticket and submit your ideas.


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