So what exactly is Make:Shift?

Make:Shift is an unconference. There are no spectators at Make:Shift, only participants. Everyone is expected to take part in some way, whether it’s getting involved in a discussion, panel or roundtable, giving a demonstration or leading a discussion.

Make:Shift is designed to be something the local community can lead, develop and own. We’ll be on hand to help things along but it’s about change from the grass-roots – about finding new ideas and new ventures that communities can make happen for themselves. There will be a number of people there to lend some support if you need it.  But the ideas will be yours to own and to drive forward.

An unconference is a conference organised, structured and led by the people attending it. Instead of just listening to endless PowerPoint presentations, all attendees are encouraged to become participants. Unconferences provide an ideal opportunity for exchanging ideas. They are much more informal than a traditional conference. That’s why we thought it would be an ideal format for Make:Shift.

It’s not as daunting as it might sound. Sessions at Make:Shift are conversations, just like every conversation you’ve had (or wanted to have) at any other conference. The only difference is that the sessions will be proposed and voted for on the spot, which means we’re sure to be talking about topics we all find interesting. You will drive what we talk about on the day because you know what will make a difference in Wolverhampton.

We’ll be helping you to share and get support for your ideas before the event by inviting you to post them on this blog.

Make:Shift 2013 will take place in July. Watch out for future blogs for more details and how you can get your free ticket.


One thought on “So what exactly is Make:Shift?

  1. I would say ‘encouraged’ rather than ‘expected’ in the second line as some people might want to see what’s going on but are maybe a little shy to speak up.

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