Just found this on the Posterous site from 2012

Sincere aplogies to whoever posted this to our Posterous site last year. I thought it was such a great idea that it was worth airing again.
What do you think? This is just the sort of idea that it would be great to discuss at Make:Shift 2013:
“(This is a much briefer, scrappier version of a previous post I wrote and somehow lost on the way to emailing it to the blog)

I briefly discussed with Steph Jennings the other day that a book crossing bookshop might be an idea. To be fair, it’s also something she’d thought of as a gapfiller. It’s the kind of thing what with enough publicity, could be setup for one day, allowing people to bring books to leave behind, and pick up new books, all for free. 

All it would require is a spare unit (or other kind of space), with a table, some chairs, and someone to man it. A livery or sign of some kind across the front of the shop would help too.  
To expand on the idea, we might offer:
  • cake (always cake)
  • children’s corner, with story time.
  • readings from guest authors.
I’d like to offer my time to help organise this, and man the shop on the day, amongst others I’d hope. I’m open to ideas, suggestions, and anyone’s experience of running similar popup bookshops. “


4 thoughts on “Just found this on the Posterous site from 2012

    • Hola Felicitas
      I’m please to see we’re attracting an international following. Please let us know what you didn’t like and we’ll do our best to improve.
      Do you have anything similar to Make:Shift in your country?

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