Welcome to the Make:Shift blog

Welcome to our new Make:Shift blog. In the lead up to the event on the 10th July, the Make:Shift project team are going to be blogging about all things Make:Shift.

So we’re going to be exploring what an unconference is, giving some guidance on leading a session, releasing details of how you can book your free ticket etc. etc.

But the idea of setting up a blog using Word Press is to make Make:shift as interactive as it can possibly be. We want your comments, queries and reflections posted on here too. What do you think about what we’re saying? Does it make sense or do you think it is complete baloney? And in March we’re going to open up the discussion to invite you share your ideas about things you’d like to discuss at Make:Shift. Remember, the only censure for your idea is you (unless, obviously, your idea is obscene), so if you’ve got an idea that will improve things in our community, why not put it out there and try to get some support for it before the event?

We’re interested in any idea that will make a difference in Wolverhampton, whether that idea is big or small. What do you think about this list of ideas I found on the internet – Projects that Build Social Capital?

Social capital is jargon for the networks or connections that people have in communities. The more of these that exist in a place, the stronger communities are.

Of course, you won’t find better examples of ideas than the four Make:Shift ventures from 2012:

• Gap Fillers – generating more imaginary use of empty spaces, derelict land and empty shops
• Free Organic Gardens – using parcels of disused land across the city to develop organic vegetable and herb gardens
• Wolvopedia – make Wolverhampton a ‘Wikipedia city’, raising its profile around the world
• Scribble and Scribe – enrolling volunteers to complete forms such as benefit and tax credit claims in the words of people struggling to complete these forms themselves

You’re bound to have ideas of your own. Why not start discussing them in your community, ready to share them with everyone from March onwards?


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